Previous events, workshops & campaigns

Leicester to Amsterdam Cycle

Leicester to Amsterdam Cycle | Rebuilding Syria & Türkiye

Kinder Scout Hike

Kinder Scout Hike | Water in Gaza

Family 5K Walk

Family 5K Walk | Eid Gifts

Fasted Football Tournament

Fasted Football Tournament 2023

Waves of Positivity Winter Hike

The Brothers Trek | Winter Hike

Albania Charity Deployment

Albania Deployment | Rahma Mercy

Charity Skydive

Charity Skydive

5K Family walk Leicester

Eid Gifts | Family Walk Leicester

Fasted Football Tournament Leicester

Fasted Football Tournament 2022

Tough Mudder Classic

Tough Mudder Classic 2k21

Ramadan Fundraising Football Event 2021

Ramadan Fundraising 2021

BLM Vigil

BLM Vigil