In Ramadan 2022, we organised a family based charity event in Spinney Hill Park. The event was a fasted 5k walk in order to raise funds for children’s eid gifts around the world.

At the end of the event, Iftaar and goodies were provided for everyone taking part. 


Family Walk Leicester Eid

Families came together in Leicester to walk 5k whilst fasting to connect as a local and wider community in order to give orphans and children around the globe to celebrate Eid with joy and happiness. 

The men and women taking part had raised £4k equating to around 300+ Eid gifts for children around the globe!

We had a total turnout of around 60 individuals, with the majority of them being family members. 

Th event started off with an introduction to the CIC and charity, as well as the backstory of the cause and why this was organised.

We then had a fun exercise and quiz to keep everyone engaged. 

A huge thank you to the official sponsors of our event: ShakeHouse Leicester, Steak & Lounge, PrintSpace UK and Maverikc

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