Everything about what we do at Waves of Positivity...


Our key missions are to drive personal development through the 5 aspects: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical.

We believe the best way to create this impact is through direct and personal interaction with individuals.

This will help them identify who they are now and in addition inspire them to pursue.

This helps them in achieving the best version of themselves every single day.

What We Do Workshops
Leicester to Amsterdam Cycle


One of the greatest issues we face as a society is the barriers within communities especially when it comes to ethnicity, race and religion. 

In a bid to try and tackle this issue we hold community cohesion events that bring together people of all types to learn and understand each other. As a result, the more we know each other, the better we can progress together.



To increase our reach and diversity, we essentially dive deeper into such topics through our podcast with special guests who can deliver great value for all our audiences.

Charity what we do


As well as creating a positive impact in the local community we also recognise that there is also a global community.

We feel our responsibility as humanitarians extend to those in need around the world as well. This is why throughout the year we bring people of the community together to try and make the world a better place. 

Since 2018, we have raised well over £300k through sport tournaments, skydives, family walks and so much more!



Thanks to Ramadan FM and Radio Seerah, we’ve been privileged to echo countless gems into our communities!

We host engaging and relatable radio sessions with special guests that provide tons of value.

Keep up-to-date with our radio sessions, and who knows; you may be our next guest…


We create educational and entertaining content on Instagram, Tiktok & Youtube.

We do this to show a personal side to us and what we take part in. 

From comedy baking sessions to a lads game night.

This is our waviest approach to what we do and our content tends to stem from the majority of activities we engage in collectively.