In Ramadan 2021, we decided to take part in the Ramadan fundraising challenge with Islamic Relief. 


We managed to raise a total of £40k

Ramadan Fundraising Football Tournament
Ramadan Fundraising 2021

Below are some challenges that were carried out in order to reach such an amazing target:


  • Saaraa fundraised for the first time in her life and raised £10k for hospitals in Gaza!
  • Sully A ran a fasted Marathon and raised £4k for Syrian refugees.
  • Aadil and Suly SP walked 26 miles whilst fasting, from Nuneaton to Birmingham, raising a total of £6k+ for Syrian refugees.
  • A group of 14 lads took part in a fasted football match.
  • Akhlaaq ran 2km a day during Ramadan whilst fasting for necessities around the world.
  • Abdurrehman provided car washes during his weekends and raised £2k+ for Yemen.

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