Tri If You Can
Tri If You Can

Leicester's FIRST ever community triathlon event
to help boost under-represented communities

Sunday 21st July 2024

Leicester Triathlon Partners

Leicester triathlon details

Event information:

Event Name: Tri If You Can
Event Type: Triathlon
Event Date: Sunday 21st July 2024
Event Time: 9.00am - 12.00pm
Location: Race Hub, Frisby Lake, Hoby Road, LE14 3TL
Parking: Onsite (free)
Registration Deadline: Friday 21st June 2024 (may close early if capacity is reached/entry fee may increase for those wanting to register after deadline date)
Entry Fee (Single): £30
Entry Fee (Team of 2): £45
Entry Fee (Team of 3):
Age: 18+
Fundraising: Optional for a charity & cause of your choice

For men & women.

Leicester Triathlon

A triathlon is a race that combines swimming, cycling, and running in one event.

Absolutely! This event is for every person of every background. From people of all faiths or non faiths, as well as any ethnic background. 

This event is organised by Muslim entities but completely inclusive and welcoming to all.

Yes, swimming is one aspect of a triathlon. However, if swimming is a barrier, you can still join a relay team where one member handles the swimming segment.

For individual participation, you’ll require:<br>
– Swim gear: swimsuit (will be made available to hire as part of the registration) , goggles, and swim cap (if desired).
– Bike gear: a roadworthy bike, helmet, cycling shoes (optional), and appropriate attire.
– Run gear: running shoes, comfortable clothing suitable for running, and accessories like a race belt or hydration pack if required.

For a relay team, each member needs the same gear as listed above for their respective parts of the race.

Yes using a road worthy bike such as a road bike or hybrid bike is recommended for better performance and comfort during the cycling leg.

Yes using a road worthy bike such as a road bike or hybrid bike is recommended for better performance and comfort during the cycling leg.

Yes, wetsuits are permitted, providing buoyancy and warmth in cooler water.

No, triathlons welcome participants of all levels. This event offers beginners friendly distances and a supportive environment for newcomers.

Yes, walking is allowed during the run. The aim is to complete the race at your pace, whether that involves running, walking, or a mix.

You can register by clicking HERE

The current early bird prices are valid until 21/06/24. After this date the early bird tickets will be closed and an updated price entry will be published.

Yes, changing facilities will be provided onsite for participants to prepare for each leg of the race comfortably.

Although participants over 18 are permitted, please get in touch if you have concerns about your ability to participate or under this age and we can review your suitability together.

Yes, lifeguards will be present during the swimming portion of the race to ensure participant safety.

Yes, we encourage participants to practice open water swimming before the event to become familiar with the environment and conditions and to enroll on induction courses where available